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July 17, 2014: Release source code for the Quantum Search Algorithm.

November 16, 2013: New video available of two robots using a QDM - the first using a Raspberry Pi to run QBL, the second using a Parallax Propeller and a scaled down basic QDM.

April 13, 2013: Released Q-Prog v.81 fixing some minor bugs and removed the need for integer/double constructors

April 12, 2013: Source code for our Quantum Decision Maker along with the programming language "Quantum Behavioral Language" is now available.

January 16, 2013: Released Q-Prog v.0.8 (including source code tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS X) along with sample programs.

January 1, 2013: Added new video of the Quantum Decision Maker in action which shows some of the "playful" behaviors that emerge.